We come from different places2

We come from different places to this sacred place

of communal caring and celebration.

In the silence which we now share

may we be open to the creative spirit

of kindness and compassion...


We are enriched by the company of each other,

and are drawn closer to the heart of life in this time of celebration.

May we be blessed with humour.

We cannot travel lightly weighed down with gravity.

May we be blessed with humility to learn from those around us.

May we be blessed with lazy moments, to stretch and rest and savour.

May we be blessed with love, given and received.

And may we be ever mindful of all the powerful possibilities of love

as we walk through all the seasons of our lives.


As we continue to be open to

the hurts, the laughter,

the challenges and comforts,

the cancers, the c-t scans, the hopes and relief,

may we also taste the joy of learning, laughing and including.

Thus, help bring about a world filled with

greater gentleness,

emerging consciousness, and

vibrant and liberated humanity.

In this sacred silence we honor the ones we have spoken of,

and those whom we wish to remember in our hearts…


In honor of the spirit and presence of life,

and all sages and prophets, guides and gurus who guide us still…

This is our prayer.

May it be so.