The Seven Tenets of the Theology of Theopraxy

The Seven Tenets of the Theology of Theopraxy.

Michael Benedikt. 2007.  God is the Good we Do. Theology of Theopraxy. New York. Bottino Books.

1. God is not a person or thing or principle or spirit, God is activity of a certain sort: the free doing of good, where by "good" we mean that which preserves, honors, or promotes all forms and instances of life.

2. God was not the Creator, Nor is God all-powerful or omniscient, God is the newest and weakest "force" in the universe, a human production, even as God-good-doing-produces humaneness in turn.

3. Freedom is necessary to doing good, and good-doing is necessary to producing more freedom.

4. Science is the friend of true religion, which is faith justified by works.

5. The development of ever fairer and more compassionate laws as well as more broadly life-sustaining social and cultural practices is God's mandate, and our task.

6. Long-evolved religions present powerful and highly specific rituals, images, arguments, narratives, and commandments whose purpose is to effect Tenet 5, and can be respected and practiced without significant alteration when they succeed in doing so.

7. Both the idea and substance of God remain open to evolution.