Common Dreams Statement in Response to Uluru Statement from the Heart


We the participants in the Common Dreams5 Conference, from diverse places and faith traditions, in 2019 hereby 

  • accept and celebrate the Uluru Statement from the Heart
  • recognise the sovereignty of the Aboriginal peoples as enunciated in the accompanying Uluru Statement from the Heart
  • acknowledge their rich creation spirituality that continues to make a vital contribution to the diverse culture of Australia, and

We call upon Federal, State and Local Governments and all people of Australia to drastic action

  • to call for constitutional change to embrace this sovereignty
  • to exercise restorative justice (Makarrata) in its full extent as defined by Aboriginal Peoples
  • to enshrine a First Nations Voice in the Constitution via the treaty process, and 

We challenge and call all faith communities of Australia to action

  • to endorse the Common Dreams Statement
  • to urge the governments of Australia to accept and implement the Uluru Statement from the Heart
  • to activate the Treaty process so that there is ongoing justice for the First Peoples of Australia

on the basis that the shared Abrahamic traditions embrace the Creation Spirituality of the Scriptures,
but especially in the Genesis account of Abraham, who

  • became an ally and friend of the indigenous custodians of Canaan
  • recognised and swore by the Creator Spirit of Canaan (El Elyon)
  • formed a treaty with a Canaanite community, a treaty that embraced the land.

This statement recognises the collusion of governments and churches in the dispossession and cultural and physical genocide of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.